It’s time to break the insurance mold

Harness the power of Salesforce to drive your distribution channel management operations

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The insurance industry is changing, and carriers need to change with it

Digital transformation is disrupting the way carriers interact with distribution partners. Improve your channel management efforts by delivering self-service capabilities and overall visibility into the broker’s book of business.
Know your partners
360 degree view of your brokers, producers and agencies
Built-in Analytics
Data driven planning across distribution channels
Collaborative growth planning
Smart business plans and guided distribution journeys

Build trusted relationships

Get a 360º view of your distribution channels
Via Salesforce you can get a single, customizable view of everyone of your distribution partners – from brokers, agencies and producers, making it easier for your sales managers to nurture partner relationships that will drive your book of business.

Access to rich analytics

Fact-based decision-making
Leverage Salesforce’s platform to build dynamic dashboards and key performance metrics that provide easy to understand and actionable data for your decision making process.

Rapid, seamless coordination

Increased collaboration and communication
Forget about having multiple screens open – communicate rapidly with brokers and producers with the click of a button, schedule appointments, send agency wide announcements and more.
15 years of experience with leading national and regional carriers

We’ve helped big brand national carriers, GA’s and Independent Agencies design and build custom solutions that enable explosive growth through connected interfaces

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