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As a certified Salesforce partner, we leverage Salesforce to help insurers create a truly connected digital ecosystem – from a 360° policyholder view to optimized distribution channels and claims management

How we can help

Today’s digitally native users – from agents to policyholders demand a seamless experience that is contextually relevant to their needs

Drive sales and enhance policyholder experience
Get a single, customizable view of everyone of your policyholders, making it easy to review their policies, coverages, claims, households, life events and a lot more – nurture customer relationships and engage when it matters.
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Improve claims processing
Digital native users expect your systems to be connected and talk to each other – this is especially true when submitting a claim. With Salesforce’s powerful integration tools you can create a seamless, one stop app for your policyholders.
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Optimize your insurance distribution channels
Manage your captive and non-captive agents and agencies from a single, seamless platform – build dynamic dashboards per territory or agency, access granular data per agent, push new products and increase your book of business.
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Integrate your Policy Admin System

A carrier’s policy administration system is a critical component – but not enough to drive policy holder engagement

By integrating Salesforce with your existing Policy Admin System, you can drive a seamless customer experience with a 360 degree view of your policyholder – from life events, existing coverage, claims and activity data.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Sales automation. Automate and measure your pipeline for new and renewal business

  • Deepen relationships. Link products, households and customer assets so that you can offer contextually relevant products

  • Effortless communication. Enable your policyholders to communicate with the right rep for sales, claims or policy administration.

Our core team of consultants and experienced certified Salesforce engineers can help your company increase overall productivity, manage pipeline, drive renewals and overall close more business.

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Why should you consider implementing Salesforce Financial Services?

Salesforce helps increase operational efficiency while accelerating business growth
Robust insurance processes

Increase time to value with dynamic pre-defined templates and step-by-step guidance for managing common service requests like address changes, updating beneficiaries and initiating FNOL

Automated task orchestration

Manage customer engagements consistently, collaboratively and within compliance

Claims and policy alerts

Link policies, customers our households to cases and claims to trigger alerts and provides insurance agents with relevant context

Insurance ecosystem

Connect multiple applications to improve overall customer experience using Salesforce’s App Exchange

Portal for insurance agents

Empower insurers to extend their data, apps and processes to independent agents. Surface leads while gaining insight and build quickly with low code to deliver personalized experiences

Intelligent referrals

Prioritize relationships collaborate across lines of business with intelligent referral routing, scoring and insights

15 years of experience with leading national and regional carriers

We’ve helped big brand national carriers, GA’s and Independent Agencies design and build custom solutions that enable explosive growth through connected interfaces

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